Etiquette ~ It’s what separates us from the animals.

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Awe Etiquette, I believe it’s what separates us from the animals. The originality of etiquette in Western civilization taught knights and nobles how to behave in the court of the King, hence the concepts of Courtly and Courtesy.

Today, there’s always stress between following our instincts or following Etiquette rules. Times are changing fast with all the technology like cell phones; you have to be careful who you might be offending. You never know, you might be sabotaging your career or your success!

In these 15 rules of etiquette, you will notice that it’s all about thinking firstly of other people’s feelings or inconveniences.

1. Please be on time! Of course, the biggest pet-peeve of all is…” being on time”. Etiquette says being 5-15 minutes EARLY is correct and gives you time to adjust to the atmosphere (depending on the event). Up to 5 minutes late is fashionable, but anything later than that is not acceptable and is inconsiderate!

2. Turn your phone off at family dinners or events. Don’t be annoying others with ringtones and beeping sounds that interrupts conversation. Enjoy the time you spend with your family and friends. Put your phone on vibrate and text only when appropriate.

3. Don’t talk about your personal garbage on your cell phone when you are on the bus, train, or in the mall where people can hear your conversation cause they would rather jump off a cliff than listen to you! Seriously! Wait to discuss this stuff when you get home or go in a quiet place to talk.

4. Gossip ~ can take flight like an eagle today with the quickness of the internet!

5. Don’t RSVP that you are going to a party and NOT show up! First of all, this is disrespectful and second of all; it could be quite costly to the host!

6. Don’t ever show up at a party empty-handed even if you are not to bring anything. Bring your drinks, dessert or flowers, a potted plant, bottle of wine for the table or host! They will love your thoughtfulness!

7. Keep your personal conflicts and arguments off social media!

8. Show some decency and respect for family and loved ones! Don’t announce deaths by texting. During this time a visit face to face is required or at least phone calls should be made.

9. Don’t break-up by texting! Really! How inconsiderate is that?

10. Communication ~ take the effort to learn people’s names as you speak with them. (personal or business life). People will be impressed when you remember their name.

11. Table Manners ~ there are many, but basically, don’t talk with your mouthful and don’t snort your milk.

12. Business Etiquette ~ here you must observe protocol and always remember that your behavior could affect your future! Learn how to form business relationships, wear proper office attire.

13. Email ~ Stop! Before you hit that Send button, re-read your message! Most messages cannot be retrieved, and you don’t want to say something you might regret later.

14. Be kind to others at work and with people in your private life. If your neighbor is not well, bring her a bowl of soup or pick a bunch of flowers from your garden.

15. Good Ole Moms Etiquette ~ Chew with your mouth closed; keep elbows off the table when eating; wash your hands after using the washroom; don’t talk with food in your mouth; if you bump into someone, say excuse me; hold the door open for others; use your indoor voice. And for parents: Don’t let your kids act like crazy monkeys in a restaurant!

There you have it, 15 Etiquette Rules to follow! There might be a lot of rules to remember, but practicing these little changes will help pave the way to succeed in life!

Think about the feelings of others first, be aware of your surroundings, because it’s not always about you.  Others will notice your manners and they will appreciate and remember you for your thoughtfulness.  Remember, what goes around, comes around! 😉


Brenda Lee 💋

Hope you enjoyed this article.  Please give me a like and I will give you more advice for a happy life!❤️

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