5 Tips To Speed Clean Your Home Before Company Arrives

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cleaning tips

Christmas is quickly approaching and entertaining is part of the tradition.  Having a party can become overwhelming at times. 

It’s the big day and you’re all caught up in the menu, cooking and preparing your goodies, while letting your culinary expertise shine through. Then you look around the house and it looks like a bomb just exploded! Things are scattered everywhere!

Oh my, don’t panic…I have some quick and easy cleaning tips and tricks for you!

people having fun partying

1. Focus On Cleaning Entertainment Areas 

It’s easier and quicker to clean just the rooms where your guests will be visiting in your home.  Prioritize what rooms need to be cleaned starting with the bathroom they will be using.  If you don’t have the time to do a thorough cleaning, make sure your waste baskets are empty.  Nobody wants to see your dirty cotton swabs or tissues. Clean the toilet bowl if necessary.

Next stop would be your kitchen.  Kitchen parties seem to be increasingly popular!  Clear stuff off your counters and disinfect with a water and vinegar solution using a microfibre cloth.

Leave your dining room and living room to be decluttered last.

2. Tuck Away What You Can

The quickest way to pick things up is to grab an empty laundry basket and do a mad dash around the house snapping up all items that you don’t have time to put away properly. 

Remove all things that don’t need to be there like shoes in the hall, mail on the counter, etc. Place all dirty dishes in dishwasher.

clean closet to make space for guests coats

3. Make Space

Clear out all your coats and jackets from the entry closet to make space for your guests coats.  Bring all your coats to your bedroom, where you’ve hid your laundry basket full of stuff.

Now you’ve freed up all the space in your entry closet so that guests do not have to go roaming through your house to get their coat when they leave or if they need something from their pockets.

getting rid of dust

4. Get Rid Of Dust

Usually you would sweep, mop and vacuum your floors before company arrives.  However, if you are running out of time, vacuuming is the quickest way to clean your floors from dust and debris.  You don’t want lint or your hair on your guests black socks or pants!

While your at it, also do a quick vacuuming  of your couch or pillows especially if they haven’t been used in awhile. It would be embarrassing if someone was laughing and slapped a pillow and a cloud of dust comes flying out!

If your house if anything like mine, it gets dusty quickly.  So I use the Swiffer Duster to dust shelves, lamps, tables, ornaments, pictures, fans, blinds, etc.  It’s easy and quick!  Just dust the rooms where your company will be entertained.

simmer lemon and orange peels

5. Air Fresh Your Home

The quickest way to rid bad odours in your home is with scented candles and diffusers. However, it’s noted that they can cause migraines for those who are scent sensitive.

So you can make your own deodorizer by simmering a small pot of water then add a few drops of vanilla or cinnamon sticks.  It will make your home smell like you’ve been baking cookies all day.  This is my favourite thing to do at Christmas time!

Another alternative is simmering orange and lemon peels for around half an hour before guest arrive. This will clear the air of any odours.  You can also just let them simmer all evening to enjoy the fresh scent all night long!

A party  isn’t a party until someone spills red wine on your white tablecloth or your carpet. I know it might look bad but don’t make a fuss over it, just discreetly get a bottle of club soda and apply a few dabs to the spot.  That’s it!  Continue to party on!  Once your company has left, soak item overnight in cold water and wash accordingly in the morning.😉

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