6 Winning Email Strategies

6 Actionable Email Strategies
To Win Clicks Easily

We’ve all heard or read about it on another, popular blog about the importance of growing your email list.

That’s because it’s so true if you want to monetize your site and survive long term.

Here are five main factors that I believe contribute to the growth of an email list:

  1. Sincerity toward your reader
  2. The right blog topics
  3. The right opt-in freebie/incentive
  4. Drive traffic through Pinterest
  5. Use the right email service provider

Once you have your email subscribers list compiled you will have a direct connection with your list and you own it! You can talk to them UNINTERRUPTED and can start to send relevant emails to them. 

If you want to get your email subscribers to click on all your emails, make those emails stand out by trying these “6 Email Strategies to peak their interest!

#1 The Final Warning Emails

It’s crazy how effective these are:

Obviously used on the final days of sale to warn people the product launch is about to be over.

Mention that after the product launch, the price will rise or the product will go offline.  So you should warn your audience about that as well.

The scarcity or risk of paying more spurs buyers to take action.  You’ll make the bulk of your commissions in the final days of the promo!

Want to know the best part about these emails?

1. Less modifications required from promo to promo.

2. Basically a copy and paste job for every new promo you do.

3. Just switch up your affiliate links.

Best performing “final warning” headlines are…

*You’ve Got Less Than 8-hrs Left To Download Your Free Products -Value Worth Over $1,000

*This Is Going Offline Soon… [FINAL WARNING]

These Final Warning emails will bring you tons of sales but…
obviously you just can’t keep sending scarcity or final warning emails.

You need to warm people up to whatever your doing first so they trust you.

Try that with email type #2 as shown below…

#2 The FAQ Email

Self explanatory really:

Answer commonly asked questions readers have before buying. The more interaction with your readers or subscribers the better.

Use the “scarcity tactics” closer to the end of your promo.

(Perhaps a day or 2 days before the launch is due to end).

These are the most commonly asked questions in any launch…

  1. I’m retired can I do this on a shoestring budget?
  2.  I’m not a good writer can I still do this?
  3. Are there upsells required?
  4. Can this be done in ANY niche?
  5. Is this product really responsible for people making $X or achieving ‘X’ result?
  6. Is EVERYTHING I need included in the product or do I have to buy additional stuff to get it to work?
  7. I’ve no existing list or audience is that OK?
  8. Can a newbie really do this?
  9. I’m not very technical can I manage this?
  10. Is this legit, as it seems too good to be true?
  11. Do you have proof this works?
  12. Are there any bonuses available?
  13. Is there some kind of guarantee?
  14. Is support included?

Here’s a cool trick from Michael Cheney’s awesome email and affiliate marketing course.

Here’s his deal:

Make sure you turn every question into a positive and a ‘YES‘ answer.

#3 Bonus Email

The best way to keep your readers engaged is to offer them something of use, something FREE!

It’s really crazy how well this converts:

It’s ALL about the Bonuses:

  1. How they benefit your subscribers.
  2. What they are.
  3. How much they are worth etc.
  4. Your bonus has to be unique.
  5. Tailored to the promotion.
  6. Well thought out.

Your bonuses could be anything from:

  1. free stock photos,
  2. online course you developed,
  3. actionable checklists or worksheets
  4. printables
  5. eBook

Always make sure your bonus is super specific, something of use and will make your audiences lives easier.

#4 Story Email

How do I write interesting stories that sell stuff?

It’s easier than you think…

In this type of story you’ll open with a strong curiosity based headline.

Follow up with an opening sentence that intrigues people so they want to continue to read your article.

Follow on from there with a real life story that people can enjoy reading.

Your story shouldn’t hype things up,

Or even try to promote.

Try to tell a story people haven’t heard before.

For example it could be a story about how you became to know the product vendor,

Or how something he taught you, inspired you, or changed your life!

Maybe something that happened to you recently.

Then tie the story in with a valuable lesson to be learned.

Finally, tell them they can learn that lesson by clicking on your link and investing in the product.

Have a catchy headline for your article.

This is the ultimate click bait/curiosity based headline.

“You’ll want to click NOW to find out what’s happening!”

It’s a big change from the usual…

“Make $10K While You Sleep” headlines out there.

“One of the most___ I ever created!”

Insert an alluring adjective…profitable; bizarre, embarrassing, you get it.

“Here’s why I mention it…” or “The results are in…”

Anything that teases people that there is more information available will accelerate your article!

“A tangible way to…”

Insert a result that people want!  It works!

These headlines will certainly keep your readers interest…as long as the content is valuable, right?

Now it’s story time!

Tell your readers how you became obsessed with whatever vendor or product you’re selling.

EX: After buying 1 of his products, it made me $2k in only 4 days.

The “lesson” I teach my readers is…

 “If you want to be successful find someone who’s already achieved what you want to achieve”.

My thing was a product launch success and duplicating their funnels.

Tell your subscribers they can follow in your footsteps by clicking on the affiliate link and investing in the product).

It’s actually not as difficult as it sounds.

#5 Results Based Emails

There’s a crazy simple way to still get results:

People are far more likely to buy from you if they see you’ve actually used the product your promoting, and achieved positive results from it.

Send this one out on day 1 as it shows you’re credible from the start.

These emails show what you did and how you achieved it.  Show screenshots and proof so people can believe what you’re saying.

Always collect screenshots and provide data.

If you haven’t achieved any results from the product you’re recommending ask members of your audience if they’ve used it or used other products by the vendor.

Put together a case study using their data and screenshots.

If there’s no one in your audience who has already used it…

Go to the Facebook page of the product vendor and try and find some success stories there.

Alternatively check out the sales page.

Look for testimonials provided by a satisfied customer.

Contact vendor to see if you can get more information.

If they are genuine they’ll likely be really happy to share their success and their story.

See, it’s this easy to get real life data for your results based emails.

#6 Checklist Emails

What’s the bottom line?

The idea behind it is to create a simple results-based email checklist.

Here it is:

“5 Things You Should Do When Launching A Digital Product”.

1: Deliver valuable content pre-launch.

2: Open the cart with bonuses to help create urgency.

3: Market upsell emails throughout the cart. Have good working links.

4: Push urgent deadlines and cart closings.

5: Hint that other alternatives will be revealed at the bottom of the email.

At the bottom of the email tell them all will be revealed on the link below (input your affiliate link)

Which should take them to the sales page.

The crazy thing is:

The “negative” checklists (i.e. things you should NEVER do) always outperform the “positive” ones.

Upon doing a test, the “negative” checklist was also up 50% more in sales.

Use these strategies to increase your followers, subscribers, and buyers.

Keep following me for more actionable tips on building your followers!

Brenda Lee,


PS: Let me know how these work for you or if you have more tips that work!

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