5 Tips To Building Trust Using Thank You Emails

5 Tips To Build Trust 
 Using Thank You Emails
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Brenda Lee Happily Retired  

Here Are 5 Trust Building Tips To Use With Your Online Audience Using Thank You Emails That Work! 

Include the following tips in your emails to build trust with your audience:

Who you are and Why you are a credible person to listen to and follow. 

What they can expect from you in the future.


*Are you going to send them tips via email?
*Are you going to send them tutorial videos?
*Are you going to send them special discounts and coupons codes? 

Tell them about the goodies to expect from you!

●  Where else can they find you?

Ask them…

* to like your Facebook page,
* join your Facebook group,
* follow you on Twitter, Instagram, etc.

The more social channels they follow you on, the more likely they will see your messages when you first put them out. Plus the more often they see your name the chances are higher they will warm up to your articles and want to read them!


Tease on what’s coming in your next email.

This is called an open loop, and will dramatically increase the chances that they will open your next email.

quick reply!

● Ask for a quick reply to say “Got It”.

This trick is a guarantee that will instantly safe-mark your emails in Gmail, Yahoo, and other email clients!

If you do all of this right, your customers will have warmed up to you.  Why?

… because they read your freebie and got value from it,

… they read your thank you email and received value from it,

So now they are much more willing to read anything else you send them, including…


TIP: Try incorporating keywords that are applicable to your topics but don’t overdo it.

I hope you get value from my tips? Let me know how you make out by dropping me a message on my site.

Love to hear about your progress!❤️

Brenda Lee

Brenda Lee


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