Getting A New Puppy? Tips To Make You Both Happy…

pick a pup

Bringing Your New Puppy Home

I love puppies and when I get a new one I can’t wait to bring them home to snuggle, explore their cuteness, and show them their new home. But wait…

When you pick up your new puppy, don’t rush directly home with the little guy. Let the little one explore the outside (weather permitting). Let him smell all the smells in your yard. Walk the perimeter of your property with the dog, that way, they will get a sense of their territory.

Bonus if they happen to pee or poo when on this little stroll…make sure you have little treats handy for rewards. Remember rewarding your dog with treats or praise will help to train a lot easier than with negativity.

I’ve created a New Puppy Project for you!

Below are 5 tips to care for your new puppy that will make you and your puppy forever happy!

Hope you enjoy these tips! Let me know…plus I would love to see a picture of your puppy in their new bed!❤️

Brenda Lee 🙏

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